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The Popperian Podcast

Jan 24, 2022

This episode of the Popperian Podcast features an interview that Jed Lea-Henry conducted with Jagdish Hattiangadi. They speak about the induction of Francis Bacon, why Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn rejected it, how this rejection was based on a misunderstanding/misreading of Bacon, and importantly how this rejection of induction opened a space for “the belittlers of science” to “undermine the social acceptability of scientific research.”

Jagdish Hattiangadi is a Professor of Philosophy at York University, Toronto.

*** Jagdish Hattiangadi’s forthcoming book is tentatively titled: ‘Skeptical Knowledge: The Theory and Craft of Breaking Through in Science’

*** Popper and Kuhn: A Different Retrospect Popper and Kuhn: A Different Retrospect - Jagdish Hattiangadi, 2021 (

*** Jagdish Hattiangadi’s academic profiles Jagdish Hattiangadi ( and Jagdish Hattiangadi -

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