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The Popperian Podcast

Feb 21, 2021

This episode of the Popperian Podcast features an interview that Jed Lea-Henry conducted with Robin Attfield. They speak about the life and work of the pre-Socratic philosophers Xenophanes and Parmenides, how Xenophanes in particular has been unjustly disparaged and misunderstood over the years, how Karl Popper rehabilitated Xenophanes’ image and his philosophy, the place of both Xenophanes and Parmenides as earlier exponents of Popper’s critical rationalism and falsificationism, the method used by Popper to interpret Herodotus in support of his conjectures about Xenophanes, whether it is possible to consider Xenophanes and Parmenides as ‘Popperian’, and whether Popper’s own study of Xenophanes is strictly ‘Popperian’.

Robin Attfield is Professor Emeritus at Cardiff University where he taught philosophy from 1968. He is the author of 'Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction' (Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions): Attfield, Robin: 9780198797166: Books), ‘Environmental thought: A Short History’ ( Environmental Thought: A Short History (9781509536665): Attfield, Robin: Books), ‘The Ethics of the Global Environment’ (The Ethics of the Global Environment (Edinburgh Studies in Global Ethics): Attfield, Robin: 9780748654819: Books), ‘Wonder, Value and God’ ( Wonder, Value and God (9781138388161): Attfield, Robin: Books), and 'Ethics: An Overview' ( Ethics: An Overview (9781441182050): Attfield, Robin: Books).

Pertinent to this podcast Robin is also the author of: ‘Popper and Xenophanes’ ((PDF) Popper and Xenophanes ( and ‘Popper's Parmenides’’ ((PDF) Popper's Parmenides (

You can follow Robin Attfield’s academic work on Research Gate at: (Robin ATTFIELD | Professor Emeritus | DLitt | Cardiff University, Cardiff | CU | Cardiff University Research Institute for Sustainable Places (

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